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By Darrin Zeer

ISBN-10: 0811878449

ISBN-13: 9780811878449

1 / 4 of one million readers have secure within the place of work due to Darrin Zeer's Office Yoga and Office Spa. Now Everyday Calm bargains over 50 enjoyable and easy rules for day-by-day tension reduction regardless of the place you're. begin the morning with a Yoga Yawn to get up your face and consider energized. depend upon the contents of a Spa at the pass bag to show ready in line right into a pampering get away. And make ReinCARnation be just right for you if you happen to can't locate your automobile in a crowded parking zone. utilizing his professional wisdom of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, and feng shui, Zeer creates potent stress-busters which are effortless to do at the means domestic from paintings, on the grocery store, or even on the videos. full of Cindy Luu's fascinating illustrations, Everyday Calm gives you anytime-anywhere tension reduction.

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Allow your big toes to touch, but keep your heels apart. Rest your forehead on the floor and let your sitting bones sink down to your heels. Bring your arms by your feet, palms facing upward. Breathe naturally. As you inhale, you may feel your breath moving in your lower back. Exhale and relax. forehead rests on the floor toes touching and heels apart 22 Roll up, vertebra by vertebra, with your head coming up last, until you are sitting up straight for the Lion. Place your hands on your knees. If it is uncomfortable to kneel, place a cushion behind your knees and a rolled towel under your ankles.

Exhale, stretching to the right, with a firm weight on your left foot. Inhale back to the center. Repeat to the left. Change the interlace of your fingers. Repeat once more on both sides. root down with opposite foot >> strengthening rhythmic twist/eagle arms 11 Bring your arms out and down, ready for Standing Rhythmic Twist. With your knees slightly bent and your arms hanging loosely by your side, swing your upper body from left to right. Your arms are relaxed and gently swinging from side to side with your hands tapping your body.

Repeat a couple of times. knees hugged toward chest 24 For the Final Relaxation, bring your arms down by your side and rest your calves on the chair or stool. Check that you are straight and close your eyes. Place a blanket under your head if it is more comfortable, and an eye pad on your eyes. Stay here for 2–5 minutes.

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