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Brings jointly Paul Williams' formerly released papers at the Indian and Tibetan interpretations of chosen verses from the 8th and 9th chapters of the Bodhicaryavatara.

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Indeed the Ratnagotravibhaga, for example, may itself be interpreted in the light of its ability to serve as a bridge between Tantric thought and Madhyamaka. The result is that a Prasangika Madhyamaka work like the Bodhicaryavatara is interpreted in Tibet with reference to ideas which not only did not occur to either Santideva or his Indian commentators, but were perhaps unknown to them and if known may well have been considered irrelevant or of marginal interest. Their systems may have been different from those which subsequently developed in Tibet, and we cannot but see Tibetan interpretations of Indian Buddhist ideas as possible interpretations among many others.

A wider application of 'future sufferings' is also found in bSod nams rtse mo's commentary. bSod nams rtse mo comments that if it necessarily follows ( khyab - pervasion) that what does no harm to me is not to be protected against then it would follow absurdly that I should not protect myself against the suffering of a later life ( tshe 33 Altruism and Reality phyi mal and such time as my own old age and so on. 7 The reference to 'my present body' ( da Itar gyi {us) is interesting, since if 'present body' is simply being contrasted with 'future body', in other words the body of this present life, then of course the suffering of my oid age and so on will indeed occur to my present body, even if it is a future stage of my present body.

If we adopt instead the wider application and refer simply to future sufferings whenever they occur it becomes debatable whether any opponent would accept willingly a suggestion that all my future sufferings bear to me now the same relationship as do the sufferings of contemporary others. The bodies of my future lives and their sufferings may be different from my body now, as are contemporary others and the sufferings which occur to them, but it is not obvious that the same applies in exactly the same way to my body tomorrow, and the sufferings which will then beset me.

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