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This e-book covers the political, diplomatic, and armed forces historical past of the Aegean Greeks of the fourth century BC, elevating new questions and delving into previous disputes and controversies. It comprises their strength struggles, the Persian involvement of their affairs, and the last word Macedonian overcome Greece. It bargains with the political proposal of federalism and its relatives to the perfect of the polis. the amount concludes with the triumph of Macedonian monarchy over the polis.

In facing the nice public problems with fourth-century Greece, the method of them features a blend of assets. the standard literary and archaeological details kinds the basic origin for the topographical exam of each significant web site pointed out within the textual content. Numismatic proof likewise reveals its position the following.

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20   generosity they also won the loyalty of the western Lokrians. For all that, Naupaktos would thenceforth be troublesome. The Aitolians had long laid claim to it. The Spartan grant of it to the Lokrians was the price the Aitolians paid for their recent alliance with Elis. At some later period the Achaians gained control of it. These problems then lay in the future. At the time, however, the Spartans considered Naupaktos in good and proper hands. Some Messenians fled westwards to Sicily, where they became mercenaries, while about 3000 others sailed to Kyrene.

Yet few details of the debates over them have survived. Nor is there any evidence that opinions on any topic were ever unanimous or consistent. Furthermore, nothing suggests that these questions were mutually exclusive. As it happend, the Spartans pursued both but with unequal success. In 399 two major figures can be taken as representatives of the mainland and Aegean policies. King Pausanias, like the late Agis, staunchly favored maintaining Sparta’s primacy in Greece proper, while Lysandros unabashedly championed retaining Sparta’s maritime gains.

6, 10. Kastolos plain: Xen. Hell. 4; Anab. 2, 9. L. A. A4. Cyrus: Xen. Anab. 1–2; Diod. 4; Plut. Artox. 5. V. Manfredi, Senafonte Anabasi (Milan 1980) 51–53; La Strada dei Diecimila (Milan 1986) 23–25; Lendle, Anabasis, 7–10. 32   3. F. Treharne and H. Fullard, Muir’s Historical Atlas (New York: Barnes and Noble 1963), by courtesy of Barnes and Noble.    33 eastwards to the major cities of the Propontis, and thence southwards along the entire Anatolian coast. All of the major cities of Ionia, Lydia, and Karia stood under Spartan control.

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