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Physically, this implies that two trajectories, arbitrarily close together at a certain (initial) time, end up diverging exponentially from each other after a long time (this property is related to ‘‘deterministic chaos‘‘). There exist various degrees of instability. MPC prove (with full mathematical rigor) that the ‘‘mixing’’ condition is necessary for the existence of à (we do not discuss here the details of the definitions). MGC showed later that a somewhat stronger condition (K-flows = Kolmogorov flows) is sufficient.

In their 1973 paper, PGHR performed a synthesis of the projector method of C. George and the idea of a transformation of r. The PGHR paper was considered for several years as the ‘‘bible’’ of Prigogine’s group. The 10 A significant anecdote: During a summer school in Sitges, Spain, in 1972, an anonymous student replaced the lettering of the announcement of a lecture by Rosenfeld about Prigoginian statistical mechanics by substituting the anagram: ‘‘EL DEFENSOR’’! ilya prigogine: his life, his work 19 authors developed a theory leading to a ‘‘causal irreversible dynamics’’ and to a definition of entropy.

Prigogine, Contribution a` la thermodynamique de la matie`re dans un champ e´lectromagne´tique (Contribution to thermodynamics of matter in an electromagnetic field), Me´moires Acad. Roy. , Cl. Sciences, 28. 6. I. Prigogine, Introduction to Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes, Charles C Thomas Publishers, Springfield, IL, 1955. , 1967. Translations in Russian, Serbo-Croatian, French, Italian, and Spanish. 7. I. Prigogine (with the collaboration of V. Mathot and A. Bellemans), The Molecular Theory of Solutions, North Holland Publishers, Amsterdam, 1957.

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