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By Kam Thye Chow

ISBN-10: 159477952X

ISBN-13: 9781594779527

Extend your Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform with complicated postures and effort paintings to regard tension, again ache, complications, and a number of other universal stipulations

• comprises step by step photos for greater than 50 complex Thai yoga therapeutic massage postures
• Illustrates in complete colour the destinations of the sen strains and explains their particular healing characteristics and connections to ayurveda and the five kosha our bodies
• info profitable cures for eight universal illnesses with customized 60-minute Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture flows in addition to ayurvedic and yoga options for persevered therapeutic and prevention at domestic

In the original therapeutic method of Thai yoga massage--based on yoga, ayurveda, and the martial arts--the practitioner makes use of his or her personal fingers, toes, fingers, and legs to softly advisor the recipient via a sequence of yoga postures whereas palming and thumbing alongside the body’s power pathways and strain issues, recognized within the Thai culture as sen strains and in ayurveda as marma issues.

Providing how to extend one’s Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform, this publication comprises step by step pictures and guidance for greater than 50 complex Thai yoga postures in addition to profitable remedies for eight universal diseases: pressure, again soreness, stiff neck and shoulders, arm and hand exhaustion, complications, constipation, fibromyalgia, and anxiety/depression. each one therapy plan bargains a personalised one-hour Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture circulate particular to that disorder in addition to ayurvedic and yoga strategies for persisted therapeutic and prevention after the therapeutic massage consultation. This entire advisor additionally illustrates the precise position of the sen strains and marma issues, detailing their healing symptoms and connections to ayurveda and the 5 kosha our bodies, in addition to explaining the best way to include them into periods for deeper therapeutic.

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The analytic medical research of the early modern period investigated the tissues of the body with the eye and then the microscope, revealing the structure of the body not just in terms of major organs and systems, but as networks of tissues. Tissues were analyzed in terms of differentiated cellular bodies, and these in turn were probed at the atomic level, and understood in terms of molecular interactions. In the early twentieth century, there emerged psychosomatic medicine, which advocated the unity of mind and body, and made use of biochemistry to account for particular disorders originating in a zone between the material body and the ‘volitional body’ or psyche.

6]. 3]. 11]. Vedic texts, particularly the Br¯ahmaÓnas, classify the human being as a pa´su, an animal, as the preeminent animal, the ruler of all the other animals, and the only animal able to perform ritual and sacrifice. The human being is sukÓ rta, ‘well-made,’ and, according to the Atharvaveda, is distinguished by having ritual powers, access to sacred texts, and power to influence the universe. These powers come from the human being’s unique association with Brahman, the supreme principle [AV 10:2].

According to the S¯am Ó khya-k¯arik¯a, which provides much of Yoga’s metaphysical foundation, all things (and thus human bodies) are instantiations of the whole of creation, and may function as vehicles for attainment of the highest spiritual goal: From Brahman down to the blade of grass, the creation (sÓ rÓ sti) is for the benefit of the soul, until supreme knowledge is attained. 47 The Yoga-s¯utras explain why the true Self, puruÓ sa, is associated with the human body: The purpose of the conjunction (saÓmyoga) of the master [the Seer or experiencer: puruÓ sa] and the experienceable world [prakÓ rti], is the experiencer’s recognition of the Self-natures of the two powers.

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