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By Lev Psakhis

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The French security continues to be probably the most renowned concepts to take advantage of opposed to White King's pawn beginning; premium grandmasters reminiscent of Korchnoi, Morozevich, Bareev, and brief proceed to perform it with luck. Grandmaster Lev Psakhis, a former Soviet champion who has written widely in this gambit, now indicates easy methods to counter it. within the moment quantity of his three-part sequence at the French security, he covers the competitive 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 three e5 tactic, in addition to a few different "Anti-French" strains, together with the King's Indian assault and alternate diversifications. A wealth of illustrated video games in addition to up to date thought additionally supply beneficial guide that would support chess gamers grasp those profitable strategies.

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L:tg6+! The only chance. 1:dS 43 d7 or 43 1:xa6. 36 ¢>g5! ties up all the loose ends (with the possible exception of those of my frayed nerves) and leaves Black helpless against the threat ofl:teS. 'i"d4 37 l:tle5 is aesthetically preferable, but I was a little too short of time for such flights of fancy. cxd4 38 �xfS 1:xfS 39 d6?? Now all is well 3ga in. a dubious move for Black. Ligterink told me that the whole variation is rarely pl ayed and that he did not know how to deal with White's strategy.

Theory on this type of ending with one pair of rooks and generally with the kingside pawns on Q/g3/h4 and f71g61h5. But with another pair of rooks and the changed pawn fonnation, both kings are exposed to mating threats and tactics abound. 32 ':d8+ �g7 33 J:tb8 Nonnally the best place for the rook-behind the passed pawn. 33 ... e6 J:td7! 3S �e3? Not 35 l:tbxb6?? l:td3+, but 35 l:te2 was beller. "A cable " 77 when with the white king so far cut off the f-pawn is doomed. The lasl of Ihe Irio was against Vassily Champion ex-World Smyslov.

LxgS 28 . :ffl 29 b3! with a clear plus. l:a4 3 1 g3 h4 32 Wb3 Ik4 33 g6. 3 1 e5. 35 ¢>d4 ¢>d6 36 a6 lOeS 37 a7 lbe6+ 38 . ¢>e4 lOc7 39 g6 We6 40 WeS Black resigned. Miles Black Interpol is, Tilburg 1977 English Opellillg I c4 cS 2 lOo lOf6 3 lbc3 dS 4 c:cdS lOxdS 5 g3 g6 6 �g2 �g7 7 0-0 lbc6 8 lbg5!? d4 16 O-O-O! te2 is hopeless. Simple and decisive. txc3+ 19 Wf2 wins.

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