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By Chris Baker

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Uninterested in being stunned within the starting by way of your rivals? Horrified via the belief of learning many hours every one week to maintain updated with main-line openings? Then this can be the publication for you! here's a repertoire of commencing traces for White, in response to beginning with Bobby Fischer's favourite movement 1 e4, which are a bit of off the crushed tune, yet jam-packed with sensible sting and crafty traps for unwary competitors. All are in line with quick, fit improvement, imperative regulate and play opposed to the enemy king. You move instantly from the outlet right into a sharp, little-explored middlegame the place you may be larger ready than your opponent.

Author Chris Baker is a robust English participant who accomplished his ultimate norm for the foreign grasp identify within the British League in 1995-96. he's a full-time chess coach and a standard match competitor. this can be his first e-book for Everyman Chess.

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1 2. 1 3. 14. :, � 14. id 'ifd8-d6? Chapter 3 - Dutch Defense 1 4 ... tl:Ja5 was necessary: 1 5 . l:Xc4 l:rf? 0-0 and White is obviously better as Black can only develop at the price of a pawn. 1 5. 1 6. 1 7. 1 8. 1 9. 20. 21 . 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. h4-h5 ttJf4-g6+ h5xg6+ �c4-f7 l::. f8-h8 �g7xh8 'ii'd 6-h2 �h8-g7 'ii'h2xg2 'itg7-f8 '1t>f8-e8 ttJc6-e7 1-0 Black resigned in view of mate in 7 . HD 1 2. 2 D Prie,Eric • Miralles,Gilles Besancon ch-FRA B, 2006 {3) 1. d2-d4 2. �c1-g5 f7-f5 g7-g6 This is generally considered to be the best move, though I have doubts in view of the h4 attack given here.

M � 1 6. 'ii'b 2! lLJg5 may be even better. lLJg5?! hg2 1 7. lLJfe6 tt:le4 1 9. lLJg5?! ec l ?! tt:Jf3 l:t£7 26 . c3 l:td7. With a pawn up for nothing, Black won a long endgame. 1 6. 1 7. 1 8. 1 9. "ifd2-b2 :te1 -d1 :ta1 -c1 llJf6-e4 llJe4-d6 :tf8-e8 White is clearly better, with ideas of a4-a5 and pressure on e6. 4 D Postny,Evgeny • Gleizerov,Evgeny Zagreb, 20 I I (7) 1 . d2-d4 2. c2-c4 3. llJg1 -f3 e7-e6 f7-f5 llJg8-f6 Chapter 3 4. Jb1 -c3 5 . if8-b4 I have a bit more confidence in S . id2 (see next game) , but this line also gives White something.

N I A � 14. l2Jf6-d7 1 4 . . 0-0 1 S . l:[e8 1 6 . td3 White is clearly better, but has no quick breakthrough. 1 5. 'ii'a 4! ixe5 White is a healthy pawn up. Chapter 2 - Black Gambits 0-01? 1 5. Or 1 5 ... f6 1 6 . te2 - Black is totally pas­ sive but at least White has to work for the win. 1 6. 1 7. 1 8. 1 9. 20. ih2xe5 lLlf3xe5 d5-d6 I. t. l:tf8-e8 l2Jg6xe5 t2Jd7xe5 d6xe5 �c7-c6 25. 26. 27. 28. J: ' ' 'it' � i 21 . �c2-d3? dxe7! 'ifxe7 l:txe7 2 7 . txa6, when White has a piece for two pawns and a killer passed a-pawn.

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