A Phoenician-Punic Grammar (Handbuch Der Orientalistik) by Charles R. Krahmalkov PDF

By Charles R. Krahmalkov

ISBN-10: 9004117717

ISBN-13: 9789004117716

This quantity comprises the phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, language and utilization of the Phoenician-Punic language. It includes examples from texts and dialects, together with fragments of a Punic drama, to convey to existence the grammatical description of this language. the outline of the literary language holds that stressful and point reference of a given kind of the verb is essentially a functionality of syntax, now not morphology.

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19 u t s e b utseb

For example, in the earliest western inscription (CIS i 145), the tombstone of a Phoenician miller and wheat merchant (sallat hitftm) erected ca. C. at Nora in Sardinia, the independent personal pronoun of the first singular is 'am, a form rarely if ever attested in Phoenician, which used 3anlki exclusively. Other features of morphology and phonology, as earlier alluded to, suggest strongly that Punic may not have been the direct descendant of Tyro-Sidonian but of a dialect or dialects of Phoenician from a part or parts of Greater Phoenicia other than the region of Tyre and Sidon.

4 PHV felu ("they made"). P: Bilabial simple stop /p/ in Phoenician and Punic. ], as may be ascertained from the word-play between Poen. "), Poen. 1025. However, one also finds in Punic the labiodental fricative realization \f] in all positions: Poen. 944 fel ("he did"); Poen. 945 liful ("to do"). 1 felioth ("workmanship"). Alveolar affricate [to]. The articulation of this phoneme is difficult to ascertain, for it appears to have been different from period to period. The evidence is as follows: (i).

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