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A picture is worth a thousand words. Persuade with examples, not opinions. The best method for making readers see things from your perspective is to present so much hard evidence and so 20 TONE many persuasive examples that they will reach your conclusions on their own. In this way readers are flattered into thinking they have figured it all out for themselves, and you appear all the more modest and intelligent for having gently pointed the way. This is a refinement of the "show me, don't tell me" principle.

BETTER: When Hitler learned that Paris had surrendered, he danced a jaunty jig in front of his ecstatic generals.

Whenever you wish to write convincing prose, address your readers as intelligent, informed peers. Your readers may not in fact be intelligent or informed, but that's their problem. Your problem is to make them think that they are. In this manner you win readers' good will and at the same time advance them toward seeing things the way you see them, for it is an established fact that we believe those people we like far more readily than those we dislike . 23 A MANUAL OF WRITER'S TRICKS Address the reader directly.

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