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30 The Method of Moments in Electromagnetics where the constant « is chosen so that the spurious solution is eliminated, with ¼¾ « ¼ typically representing a good choice. 8 for a perfectly conducting cube of varying side length. The MOM with RWG basis functions is used, as described in and ¼ for both the EFIE Chapter 7. The resonances occur at approximately ¼ and MFIE, however the CFIE is observed to be resonance-free. 3. The CFIE is attractive as it does not require the generation of an auxiliary surface or the sampling of points internal to the surface.

Let us now generalize the method by which the boundary conditions were previously enforced. 28) where the integrals are line, surface, or volume integrals depending on the basis and testing functions. 31) In the MOM, each basis function interacts with all others by means of the Green’s function and the resulting system matrix is full. All the elements of the matrix must therefore be explicitly stored in memory. This can be compared to other algorithms such as the finite element method, where the matrix is typically sparse, symmetric and banded, with many elements of each matrix row being zero [4].

14) where Ü Ò¡Ü and Ü ´Ò ½µ¡Ü . , ¾ Z Þ½ Þ¾ Þ¿ ÞÆ Þ¾ Þ½ Þ¾ ÞÆ ½ Þ¿ Þ¾ Þ½ ÞÆ ¾ .. .. .. ÞÆ ÞÆ ½ ÞÆ ¾ .. 15) .. Þ½ where only the first row of the matrix needs to be computed. 3b we show the computed charge density on the wire using 15 and 100 segments, respectively. The representation of the charge at the lower level of discretization is somewhat crude, as expected. The increase to 100 unknowns greatly increases the fidelity of the result. 2). 4a. While the voltage is near the expected value of 1V, it is not of constant value, especially near the ends of the wire.

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