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Bigurda, a kind of plat potato; gadi 'lily' vs. gardirrg 'gnash teeth' (particle), and so on. The above generalization does not apply to the rhotics, since /IT/ has not been found initially in lexical stems, and only two instances of /r/ have been noted to date: the bird term rewrew 'dollar bird', and a toponym (referring to a creek near Willeroo Station homestead in the Wardaman heartland, and seemingly not a foreign form), Relwuyugun. Besides the fact that the bird term is onomatopoetic, it should also be noted that very similar terms for this bird occur in neighbouring languages.

The mid-vowels do not occur in any of the inflectional morphology, which exhibits a three-vowel system, a, i, and u. ). Among derivational morphemes and lexical suffixes, too, the mid-vowels are rare, but there are instances, such as adverbial /beng/, expressing location or place where. The mid-vowels are widely distributed over lexemes, and there is no particular evidence of "defective" distribution with respect to any word class. ,: bone 'across'; ngajamberle, proper name; lowe, toponym; bogo 'lend', jewele 'close, near', wume 'sky', modborrongo, proper name; and inflectional forms of quite a number of verbs.

Finally, there are some interesting and quite general reduplicative processes. This chapter includes brief discussion of word-level stress patterns. 2. 3. it was observed that there is no distinctive contrast between consonants of the two apical series word- or morpheme-initially. For reasons given there, the morpheme-initial norm was recognized as retroflex. A consequence of this is that we need to specify that stems which are underlyingly retroflex-initial are realized as plain alveolar in some environments.

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