Richard E. Prior's 501 Latin Verbs PDF

By Richard E. Prior

ISBN-10: 0764137425

ISBN-13: 9780764137426

The main prevalent 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk structure, one verb in line with web page with English translation. each one verb is totally conjugated and provided in all kinds. The book's extra good points comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar evaluate.

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Extra info for 501 Latin Verbs

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Inequality; iniquus, -a, -um unequal Model sentence: Carthaginienses Capuae amissae Tarentum captum aequabant. -Livy 40 a estuii aestui5, aestuiire, aestuiivl, aestuiitum be hot, heave ACTIVE INDICATIVE Pres. aestuo aestuamus aestuas aestuatis aestuat aestuant lmpf aestuabam aestuabamus aestuabas aestuabatis aestuabat aestuabant Fut. aestuabo aestuamus aestuabis aestuabitis aestuabit aestuabunt Peif. aestuavi aestuavimus aestuavisti aestuavistis aestuaverunt (-ere) aestuavit Plup. aestuaveram aestuaveramus aestuaveras aestuaveratis aestuaverat aestuaverant Fut.

Perf. Fut. ambulare ambulavisse ambulatiirus (-a, -um) esse Pres. Perf Fut. ulati (-ae, -a) sint ambulati (-ae, -a) essent I INFINITIVE ambulari ambulatus (-a, -um) esse ambulatum iri PARTICIPLE ambulatus (-a, -um) ambulandus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) GERUND ambulandi, -o, -um, -o SUPINE ambulatum, -ii umpounds and related words: adambulo (1) to walk by; ambulacrum, -i, n. a shady walkway; ambulatio, -onis, f. a walk; ambulator, -is, m. a walker; deambulo (1) to take a walk; Model sentence: Melissa mea mirari coepit, quod tam sero ambularem.

L&Llml'l. 1'5lS~ actus (-a, -um) agendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) SUPINE actum, -ii ago Related Words actio, actionis, f. action actor, actoris, m. driver agito, agitare, agitavi, agitatum to drive agmen, agminis, n. procession, marching column exactus, exacta, exactum precise Expressions res agere to take care of business gratias agere to thank quid agis? how are you? se agere to go animam agere to die age! c'mon! This is one of the busiest verbs in the entire language, which is fitting since its central meaning is to be busy at something.

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