50 Ways to Win at Chess by Steve Giddins PDF

By Steve Giddins

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ISBN-13: 9781904600855

In a sequel to the highly winning 50 crucial Chess classes, Steve Giddins now provides 50 video games that every illustrate a huge profitable procedure. This attractive and hugely readable publication is a painless strategy to construct your own arsenal of thoughts and ideas. The video games are as a rule from the fashionable period, yet with a number of vintage examples selected to teach key subject matters in as transparent a manner as attainable. In those instances, the defender can have by no means obvious the serious suggestion ahead of, and fails to react competently. We then circulate directly to extra advanced examples the place the attacker must conquer stiffer resistance. Giddins time and again exhibits that regardless of the tactical complexity of lots of those battles, the basic innovations could be grasped by way of all chess-players, and may aid them navigate via it seems that intimidating terrain. the numerous issues contain: * Attacking vulnerable color complexes * the main of 2 weaknesses * selecting the best exchanges * Devastating establishing coaching * Manoeuvring in 'restraint' constructions * dealing with must-win events

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Nc3 Be6 5. dxe5 dxe5 50 41. PHILIDOR DEFENSE e5 d6 Bg4 Bxf3 dxe5 Nf6 To guard the rook. 7. d7 . Black's stnng of second rate moves add up to one b'tg mistake. He had to stop 8 . Bxf7t Kd7 9. Qe6# But Qe7 was the better xb 7 loses a pawn, way. True, but after 8 .. Q] he's out of any . Imme diate danger. ·�t 8. c6 51 BRUCE ALBERSTON 42. PETROFF DEFENSE 1 . e4 2. N£3 3. Nxe5 e5 N£6 Nxe4 The essence of the Petroff is counterattack on the e4-pawn. d6 4. Nf3 and only then 4... Nxe4. 5. Nc6t 4. e2 4.

E5 8. g3 fxg3 Bb7 Ng4 Nxh2t The play is fast and loose, typical for the King's Gambit. 9. xh2 12. �b7 Q£2#; 12. (�h2 gxh2 and promotes. On 12. N£3 Qxg2t 13. Kxg2 g4 recovers the piece. And if 1 2 . Qe2 g2 t 13 . Kf2 BeSt It's all very messy. Momentarily, White has an ex­ tra knight, but Black's next move threatens mate. 37 B RUCE ALBERSTON 28. KING•s GAMBIT 1 . e4 2. f4 3. h4t White's third move was weak' there is now no comfortabl e answer to the queen check. 4. 5. 6. 7. h5t The en passant pa :Vn capture reopens the line 1 eadmg to Wh"1te's queen.

6. 7. 8. Bg5 h4 hxg5 Qb3 Be7 Bxg5 f6 fxg5 Followed by 11. Qxh 7, regain­ ing the rook and emerging a piece ahead. 57 BRUCE ALBERSTON 48. SCOTCH GAME 1. 2. 3. 4. e4 Nf3 d4 Nc3 e5 Nc6 d6 Nge7 An awkward, self-blocking move which allows White a strong attack, even after trading queens. 10. Nxc7# 1-0 dxe5 QxdBt Ng5 Bc4 9. Nb5 5. 6. 7. 8. dxe5 Kxd8 Ke8 Nd8 Bd7 Black is checkmated with his king on his starting square: Smothered mate by the knight. The pressure of constantly de­ fending takes it's toll and Black blunders.

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